The Role of the Overseer

The overseers on the plantations were the people hired by the master that watched over the slaves as they were working. These men were very intimidating and all of the slaves were terrified of them. The slaves tried to avoid eye contact and also attempted to do their jobs quickly and efficiently so that the overseers wouldn’t abuse them. The overseers were also the ones on the plantations that delivered the punishment. This is the main reason why slaves were so frightened by them. Overseers were the slaves only incentive to work. The overseers were fearless when it came to punishment and struck whenever the situation even slightly demanded it. It would almost seem as though they looked forward to punishing the slaves. Some slaves tried to rebel against working by talking back to the overseers, which angered the punishers greatly, so the overseers would often punish slaves for anything. Overseers were the cruel men who watched of the slaves and punished them.

external image enslave-02.jpg
The man in this picture that is delivering the punishment is the overseer.